AML/CFT statement
DXXR Holding, ("maxxer") is committed to fully comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) laws and regulations that are in force. Maxxer has set and implemented a comprehensive AML/CFT policy and procedures, which has been approved by the Board.

This policy statement is a brief description of general principles to which Maxxer will adhere to, as follows:
The appointment of a Compliance Team, who have the responsibility for overseeing Maxxer’s compliance with relevant legislation, internal policies and procedures, regulations and industry guidance;
Comply with applicable anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing laws and regulations and with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on money laundering and terrorist financing;
Establishing and maintaining a Risk Based Approach towards assessing and managing the money laundering and terrorist financing risks;
Maintain a written AML and CFT policy and procedures and apply it to all business units;
Establishing and maintaining risk-based customer due diligence, identification, verification and know your customer (KYC) procedures, including enhanced due diligence for those customers presenting higher risk, such as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and customers from countries identified by the FATF as having strategic deficiencies in their national AML/CTF frameworks;
Maxxer does not offer services of opening anonymous accounts. A potential customer’s identity needs to be verified in order to comply with KYC requirements (Know Your Customer);
Establishing and maintaining risk based systems and procedures to monitor ongoing customer activity;
Procedures for reporting suspicious activities internally and to the relevant law enforcement authorities as appropriate;
Retaining all the customer related documents for a period as specified as per local laws in each jurisdiction;
Provide regular training on AML & CFT policies and new AML & CFT laws and regulations to employees;
Maintenance of appropriate records for the minimum prescribed record-keeping periods;
Provision of appropriate management information and reporting to management of Maxxer.